Minecraft - Simbey World

If you've read Mojang's page on Moderating Minecraft, you might be among many who are feeling concerned about Freedom of Expression and Free Speech in Minecraft.

Hopefully, the infrastructure for moderation and permanent banning will remain isolated to the Realms and Bedrock Edition communities.  If this is ever not the case, I promise that for as long as I am able to run a Minecraft server, you have my word on these points:

  1. The Minecraft server at simbey.com will NEVER voluntarily participate with Mojang/Microsoft efforts to moderate player activity.
  2. I will not cooperate with or assist any Mojang/Microsoft efforts to investigate the activity of any player on my server.
  3. If moderation software modules are ever included in Minecraft Java server software, I will actively work to remove or disable those modules.  If that proves to be impossible, then I will run the last version of the software free of the moderation components indefinitely.
That is my stance on this subject.  There will be no compromises on those positions.

Minecraft was always intended to be an open sandbox acting as an escape from the real world.  If you found a server with people who hurt your feelings, then you went somewhere else.  Corporate influence beyond the development of the core game itself is literally antithetical to the meaning of Minecraft and for all it stands.  Any and all attempts from Mojang and Minecraft to moderate any player activity and behavior will not be tolerated here!

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