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Set 2
The pictures here are all about change.  College was over.  Now David had to go find a job, and amidst the job hunt, there were a couple social adventures - all contained here!

The job hunt started at Microsoft and ended with SafeHarbor.  This was a bit of a let down, but things settled into a routine, and a little something called life started to appear.

The work life may be horribly depressing, but the social life certainly picked up in the end!
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Root \ Set 2
Name [ASC] Date Desc
Aberdeen High School 1/6/2002 3:31:09 PM Folder
Adventures 11/4/2001 8:02:36 PM Folder
Bill's House 5/16/2002 4:38:37 PM Folder
Dance Day 10/19/2001 3:53:12 PM Folder
Girls 1/17/2002 7:43:17 PM Folder
Julie's Last Day 6/21/2001 2:06:40 PM Folder
Kyle's House 11/4/2001 8:00:46 PM Folder
Montesano 9/1/2001 1:43:28 PM Folder
Parties 1/2/2002 6:55:32 PM Folder
Random 6/25/2001 12:03:55 PM Folder
Regarding Gigi 12/23/2001 8:12:00 PM Folder
SafeHarbor 11/7/2001 9:39:21 PM Folder
Tighe's House 6/21/2001 2:05:57 PM Folder
Aaron00.jpg 1/13/2002 Aaron in the kitchen
Amber000.jpg 8/31/2001 Amber in the work shop
Beasts000.jpg 5/27/2001 Fred and Knertitia
Beasts001.jpg 5/27/2001 Fred and Knertitia
Beasts002.jpg 5/31/2001 Knertitia
Beasts003.jpg 7/21/2001 Fred and Knertitia
Beasts004.jpg 7/21/2001 Fred and Knertitia
Beasts005.jpg 7/21/2001 Fred and Knertitia
Beasts006.jpg 7/21/2001 Fred and Knertitia
Burrow000.jpg 5/31/2001 Julie on the couch
Burrow001.jpg 6/24/2001 Julie driving on Pioneer Road
Burrow002.jpg 6/25/2001 Julie wearing red tinted sun glasses
Burrow003.jpg 6/25/2001 Julie and Kyle
Burrow004.jpg 8/25/2001 Julie with Heidi
Burrow005.jpg 8/31/2001 Julie with Tesla Coil
Burrow006.jpg 9/3/2001 Julie in office mode
Burrow007.jpg 9/24/2001 Julie posing for camera
Burrow008.jpg 9/24/2001 Julie posing for camera
Burrow009.jpg 9/24/2001 Julie with FuFu
Burrow010.jpg 2/9/2002 Julie posing for camera
Burrow011.jpg 3/2/2002 Julie about to eat a jello and pudding roll
BusinessWeek.jpg 12/5/2001 The truth about AHS Business Week
CallerId.jpg 6/11/2001 Microsoft on caller ID
Chris00.jpg 5/31/2001 Chris at the computer
ChrisAndJulie00.jpg 12/23/2001 Chris (with gifts) and Julie
ChristmasTree.jpg 12/25/2001 Christmas Tree
CreekProject.jpg 8/13/2001 The creek project
Darren.jpg 5/31/2002 Darren at the Cancer Run
Fred000.jpg 7/31/2001 Fred
Heidi000.jpg 6/10/2001 Heidi posing for camera
Heidi001.jpg 9/24/2001 Heidi posing for camera
Heidi002.jpg 9/24/2001 Heidi posing for camera
John000.jpg 8/13/2001 John getting ready to kill things
JulieWithPhone.jpg 12/25/2001 Julie (with phone) and FuFu
Justin000.jpg 8/13/2001 Justin at creek project
Justin001.jpg 11/15/2001 Justin posing for camera
Justin002.jpg 12/10/2001 Justin cooking hamburger helper
Knertitia000.jpg 7/31/2001 Knertitia sticking tongue out at camera
Knertitia001.jpg 8/4/2001 Knertitia posing for camera
Kyle000.jpg 2/9/2002 Kyle looking stupid
Kyle001.jpg 2/9/2002 Kyle greeting Julie
KyleAndJulie00.jpg 12/21/2001 Julie and Kyle
KyleAndMegz00.jpg 10/28/2001 Kyle and Megan
KyleAndMegz01.jpg 10/28/2001 Kyle and Megan
KyleAndTurkey.jpg 12/25/2001 Kyle and the turkey
KyleJulieHeidi.jpg 12/25/2001 Kyle, Julie, and Heidi
Megan000.jpg 6/8/2001 Megan on the rug
Megan001.jpg 6/9/2001 Megan on the couch
Megan002.jpg 6/9/2001 Megan looking angry
Megan003.jpg 6/10/2001 Megan with pillow
Megan004.jpg 6/24/2001 Megan in the car with Julie
Megan005.jpg 6/24/2001 Megan with funny expression
Megan006.jpg 6/25/2001 Megan posing for camera
Megan007.jpg 7/12/2001 Megan trying Chris's drum set
MegzAndJulie00.jpg 6/24/2001 Megan and Julie
MegzAndJulie01.jpg 6/25/2001 Megan and Julie
ScottMattNick.jpg 5/31/2002 Scotty, Matt, and Nick at the Cancer Run
Sean000.jpg 2/27/2002 Sean holding a beer and looking at porn
Sean001.jpg 2/27/2002 Sean drinking a beer and holding porn
Sean002.jpg 4/28/2002 Sean spraying stuff on his car
SeanAndJustin00.jpg 2/27/2002 Sean and Justin
TakenByGigi00.jpg 6/4/2001 David at Gigi's house
TakenByGigi01.jpg 7/9/2001 David in Gigi's kitchen
TakenByGigi02.jpg 7/12/2001 David at the airport
TakenByMegz00.jpg 10/28/2001 David in the family room
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