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The Forums are Coming!
By Simbey

If you're reading this, you are at this site.  If you're at this site, you probably have absolutely nothing to do right now.  But soon you might just have something to do here!

Those of you who have followed my path of destruction on the Internet since 2001 know that my site used to have a chat room and forums and possibly other forms of interaction.  The reason I didn't put those features back up is because they either relied on their own internal user systems, or they lacked systems altogether.

This website, as you may be painfully aware, is based on a unified user system.  And finally I am in the process of putting together matching forums.

Soon you'll be able to argue amongst yourselves (and maybe even with me if you're lucky or persistent enough) and spread the latest gossip.  And even though you will be using registered user names, depending how you pick those names, your identities do remain anonymous (since it's all for tracking anyway).

As of right now, anyone reading this has the chance to give me some input on the design of the forum.  My big question right now is do I allow both registered and guest users to post to the forum or only registered?  So write me a message and tell me what you think (send to: simbey@simbey.com).

I'll rewrite the poll system and put some of those up soon too.  As always, send me ideas!!!

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