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The Dating Game

I am sure if you live in this world today, that you have played this game once before. I know this game all too well. I was in a dating situation for about 10 months. I know that is not that long, but it was long enough to figure this game out.

OK. Here is the downlow: A guy buys a car so that he can fix it up. When his is done with all the work, he is so proud of himself that he will wash the car and treat it like a fine work of art. I know this because I have fixed up an old muscle car once, and I would show that car off.

OK NOW THE BOTTOM LINE: A woman looks for a man that needs some fixing. Just like us guys, she will take pride in her work. She feels like she is making herself the man of her dreams, right? Yes I guess so. But what about the guys who have themselves together? Well I am one of them. They will be bored with nothing to work on. They will either try to find things wrong with you. For instance she might say, "The music you listen to is wrong, you should start listening to this band." Or she will keep everything going good. Then on her spare time she will look for that used car (different guy).

I have noticed that many girls like guys to be jerks. Well this is because they want that project to work on. I only know this because I just went through this. It is one big game, and when you get sucked in, it is hard to get out.

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