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Pedro's Scrap Book
By Simbey

Pedro still does not approve of spam.
Finally!  I am proud to announce that the "Coming Soon" advertisement for Pedro's scrap book wasn't in vein after all!  Sure the content place holder was created back in February, 2002, and two years is far from soon...  But, Pedro's been quite elusive until now - not even Bill could find him.

Most of you probably don't know the story of Pedro.  So here's the brief version:  There was this rock at SafeHarbor, and somehow it managed to land itself on Bill's desk while in training for Adobe technical support.  When we moved back to the main building, I hid the rock on a cart headed for Bill's new desk.  At some point in Pedro's early history, a coworker said of the rock, "That's Bill's mind."  Then Bill wrote "Pedro" on the rock, and it became a center piece for conversation.

As of writing, there are 2 and a half pages of Pedro awaiting your misplaced amusement, and perhaps in another 2 years the empty slot on page 3 will be filled.

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