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Tetris Reloaded
By Simbey

Is it time for a new update yet?  It is?  Really I shouldn't go two more months without writing something trivial yet mildly amusing?  Alright, I guess I'll tell you about my latest innovations in colored block technology.

The biggest change to Tetris is that it now runs in a window on the desktop.  The music pauses when Tetris is in the background, and Tetris's usage of the CPU drops to less than 5% also, so it's a perfect addition to your office (which you really should enjoy before it gets moved to India).

If you're a Tetris veteran, the next change you'll notice is that all the background pictures have been replaced with rabbits.  You can assume this is because Danielle's rabbits forced me at gunpoint to put them in Tetris instead of the crazy people from Denver.

A lot has just been added to Tetris that had no equivalent before.  All of the game files are packaged into three Zip files with BIN extensions.  This was a completely useless change to Tetris, but it was fun to do, and I learned how to incorporate ZLib's library into my programming.  That just about doubled the size of the executable too!

When I wrote the fireworks code a couple months ago, I had no idea I'd be using the same lists running the explosion effects to also run a mini GUI!  But now there are little dialog boxes and input controls for managing game options and high score input.  I hope that makes the game look a little more professional, except for the fact I have a horrible sense of design, and my color scheme is probably unattractive.  Oh well!

So now is where I give you a link to download the game!  Have fun!

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