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The Program Factory
By Simbey

Mandelbrot Set Viewer Flannery Publications Ad Booker DirectConsole
Simbey.com has been reopened to the public!  For quite a while, Simbey.com required a visitor to login to view anything.  The login still exists for protected content, but most of the site is now available without a login, including the photo archive!

I have been busy the last several months writing programs and web pages for Flannery Publications.  SimbeyMail is maturing, and the companion E-Mail web client can display all the various types of content found in E-Mail.  I have also had a chance to do some programming on the tablet PC.  The middle screen shot above is an ad booking program built for the tablet.

Recently I came across the source code for my first Windows program, a simple Mandelbrot set viewing program, shown in the left screen shot.  I updated the source code to use the base application classes I use in all my new programs.

I've also been spending my free time working on the next version of DirectConsole, shown in the right screen shot.  I have wanted to rewrite it for a long time now, and the time seemed to be right.  It won't be long before it will be able to map virtual drives to FTP and POP3 resources, and there will be plenty more for it to do!

The pictures from the cruise, and many of the pictures from the wedding are online.  Both are listed within the "Set 5" group.
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