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10 Trains for Christmas
1/2/2009 11:09:50 AM
By Danielle Gould

Yes!  That’s right.  Included in Nathaniel’s loot this year, was TEN trains.  That’s a lot of “chugga-chugga-chugga”s for the little guy!  But, let’s rewind a little, back to Nathaniel’s first adventure in the snow.

IMG_1052 IMG_1055

IMG_1057 IMG_1063 IMG_1068 IMG_1074

Then it really started to snow… and there was too much to play on the swing set anymore.


So, we went out and borrowed a sled.  Note to self… buy one!

IMG_1113 IMG_1114 IMG_1121

We thoroughly enjoyed Melissa’s company for 3 days while the roads were too bad to travel to Shelton.


Courtesy of Nathaniel’s hands, she’ll remain the “faceless” friend.

Then came Christmas Eve!

IMG_1144 IMG_1159

Nathaniel REALLY did not want Grandma to go…

IMG_1162 IMG_1163

And then there was Christmas!


First, Nathaniel removed his presents from under the tree, and piled them in the middle of the room… almost like he thought that the wrapped boxes WERE the toys!


Once he figured out that he was suppose to unwrap them, he handed every piece of torn paper off to someone, and howled “OOoooo” and “AAaawww” between each tear.

IMG_1175 IMG_1178

After opening a box of Duplos, he was a bit confused, and thought he was suppose to add his other ones to the box, to put them away.

IMG_1179 IMG_1180

Veacher’s thoroughly enjoyed the festivities too.  Though we bought her her own new house, she much prefers the tunnel we bought for Nathaniel, and his other toys too… She has spend everyday since Christmas crazily batting Nathaniel’s new toys across the hardwood floors like a kitten.

IMG_1182 IMG_1202

And then there were trains.

IMG_1188 IMG_1195

An exhausting, but fun, day!

IMG_1208 IMG_1211

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