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Nothing too exciting…
2/1/2009 7:36:18 PM
By Danielle Gould

Well, as most everyone knows now, I am pregnant.  Therefore my energy level is pitiful, and I haven’t even picked up my camera much in the last month. 

We made it to my uncle’s house for New Years Day, and it was nice to see everyone.

IMG_1221 IMG_1219

Nathaniel and Samantha found it fun to climb in and out of the bin I purchased to house all of our Christmas decor this year.  I did actually get everything taken down, which was a big accomplishment compared to my lack of other accomplishments last month!


Nathaniel *tried* to treat his train as on a ride-on toy, but it didn’t work too well for that.

IMG_1229 IMG_1230

David and I went to the space needle for a nice night out.  Thank you Microsoft.


And today, we had a new critter visit the squirrel feeder, or at least the base of it.  Now we have our very own Polly Possum.  Based on the length of her meal, we’re guessing she’ll be back.

IMG_1252 IMG_1253

That’s really about it for the month!  We’re very relieved David didn’t get laid off, but we’re trying to conserve our resources to be prepared for the worst.

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