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My Little Helpers
4/18/2010 1:31:02 AM
By Danielle Gould

March was definitely our craziest month EVER!  But, we did have some fun too…


Nathaniel, my little chef, LOVES helping dump stuff into the crock-pot.  Here we are making spaghetti sauce!  It’s really a great incentive to make sauces and meals in the crock-pot, because it’s something we get to do together, and then we reap the benefits in the evening… only problem is, Nathaniel still won’t even TRY most foods.  He LOVES making chili, for example, but I’m not sure he’s ever braved a taste.  Silly boy, maybe someday he’ll wake up!

 IMG_3150 IMG_3153 IMG_3154

I decided I’d let him help me start the garden this year, hoping that being involved in the growing process, he might eventually try some of the yummy foods we’ll grow.

IMG_3155 IMG_3156 IMG_3157

Watch my garden grow.


Just planted.




2 weeks


3 weeks

Unfortunately, while the story is not yet complete, most of the plants didn’t make it because we got a little over-excited at all the nice weather we were having and we planted them too early.  So, we may be repeating this process, or just buying starts depending on how it goes… will keep you posted!

IMG_3161 IMG_3160

My mom joined us for a Gould family gathering at a Chinese buffet in DuPont.  We counted the number of people crammed into the room we were in, it was almost twice the posted capacity, which, I have to say, is a first for me!

IMG_3163 IMG_3164 IMG_3179 IMG_3181

Some random family shots, and the only one we’ll get of David’s sister holding her not-so-new-anymore-nephew.


Warren “Mischievous” Gould, longing to be outside!

 IMG_3173 IMG_3174IMG_3175

Warren blowing kisses!




This little man, trying to be mobile, is now VERY mobile!


This picture will always be full of memories for me!  Warren had the worst blow-out of his life at a restaurant, it was really miserable, but I will spare you the details.  In any case, I didn’t have an extra shirt in the diaper bag for Warren, only one for Nathaniel, so in this picture, Warren’s wearing a size 3T t-shirt, can you even tell?  I was a bit shocked, myself!

And now, a bunch of random kid pictures:

IMG_3187 IMG_3189 IMG_3191 IMG_3193 IMG_3194


NATHANIEL’S 3!!!!  This was his birthday:

IMG_3195 IMG_3199

It started with the opening of his new bicycle helmet.

 IMG_3200IMG_3201 IMG_3202

Then, we unveiled the trike.


Followed PROMPLY by a trip to the bike shop to get him a new helmet when we discovered that the one labeled “3+” was MUCH too small for Nathaniel’s big head!

IMG_3204 IMG_3206 IMG_3208

He got to pick out one that did fit, and chose to wear it the whole way home.  We stopped for some fast-food for lunch, definitely a special day!

 IMG_3212IMG_3213 IMG_3214 IMG_3215 IMG_3216

Gotta love this sequence!  Nathaniel using his new bike to chase down the poor cat… and then ditching the bike to get the cat- good thing he can’t ride the bike yet!

IMG_3209 IMG_3219 IMG_3222

Daddy instructing Nathaniel on how-to-ride-a-bike.


And he’s off, or so it seems.

 IMG_3229 IMG_3231

Ah, yes, this is more like it.  Even now, nearly a month later, Nathaniel can’t figure out how to peddle!


And off to the Rainforest Cafe for a special birthday dinner.

 IMG_3238 IMG_3240

Nathaniel watching the Elephants right next to our table, as they came to life.

IMG_3235 IMG_3242 IMG_3244

Warren enjoying his meal.


Nathaniel’s birthday meal.  Daddy trying to coax him into eating it!  “Dinosaurs are extinct, so you might as well eat them,” he said.  To which Nathaniel replied “Dinosaurs don’t stink!”And only because it was his birthday, did we order dessert before he’d even touched his meal (cause he never touches his meal).

 IMG_3245 IMG_3246 IMG_3247 IMG_3248 IMG_3249

In case you didn’t follow this sequence, I’ll narrate it for you:  Nathaniel get’s special treat because it’s his birthday- the wait-staff sings to him- He ducks under the table because he’s scared of the sparkler- and came back up when they replaced it with a candle.

After our meal, and dessert, we went out into the gift shop and let Nathaniel choose anything he wanted.  I can definitely say he’s my child because he chose a key chain and a notebook.  Of all the stuffed animals, clothing items, books, and games, my kid chose a notebook!  It makes Mommy proud!

Before we left, we took a trip over to the alligator pond and let Nathaniel make some wishes-

IMG_3255 IMG_3254 IMG_3252 IMG_3256

The face of a 3 year old!

For MY birthday, we made a St. Patty’s Day cake.

IMG_3260IMG_3261 IMG_3263


We dyed the cake and the frosting green.

 IMG_3271 IMG_3268 IMG_3269 IMG_3270

Matching Jammie night!

IMG_3272 IMG_3273 IMG_3274

Nathaniel and Maria painting Easter figures (and Nathaniel painting himself a little).

IMG_3280 IMG_3278 IMG_3279

The first bath together- SO much fun!

IMG_3281 IMG_3283 IMG_3284

The first potty-chart reward!  We went down to Target and he picked a desk-calendar that was on clearance.  He proclaimed with such excitement when he first saw it “IT’S A GARAGE DOOR” that I couldn’t deny his the greatest satisfaction of finally owning his own “garage door”… silly kid!  So, in this sequence, he’s playing “garage doors.”

IMG_3287 IMG_3286

Nathaniel and Maria goofing off.

IMG_3288 IMG_3289

And then dipping graham crackers in the leftover chocolate after I’d covered some strawberries… and before dinner, too :)


Nathaniel really loves baking and cooking with me, we do it quite often.  I don’t remember what we were making this particular day, but it was a team effort.

IMG_3292 IMG_3296 IMG_3297 IMG_3302 IMG_3309 IMG_3307 IMG_3308 IMG_3311 IMG_3312

This was Nathaniel’s second egg-hunt ever!  He did quite well!  So well, in fact, we decided to hide eggs for him at home this year too.

IMG_3365 IMG_3374

Here he was at the neighbor’s house waiting for them to come out so they could watch.

IMG_3383 IMG_3384 IMG_3385 IMG_3388 IMG_3389IMG_3394 IMG_3393 IMG_3391

It worked out great because we reused the candy he’d gotten at the first egg  hunt in the eggs for our egg hunt, I’m sure next year, we won’t be so lucky!


Nathaniel’s Easter Basket 2010!

IMG_3331 IMG_3333 IMG_3334 IMG_3335 IMG_3402

What better way to end a blog entry with some final, growing, learning-how-to-move-and-stand baby shots :)

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