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A summer of accomplishments!
8/26/2010 4:40:22 AM
By Danielle Gould

A lot has happened since I last posted an update.  Pretty much, our lives are changing on a daily basis!

Here comes trouble!  Warren started walking at 11 months!


He’s ALWAYS getting into things!

IMG_3679 IMG_3680


Nathaniel’s a Mr. Cranky pants 3 year old!



Warren feeds himself



Nathaniel picks his nose… a lot.  And watch-out, he likes to smear his boogers. (ugh! BOYS!)



Nathaniel and David had fun putting together a lego-spider, an unopened kit I picked up at a garage sale.  David didn’t know Nathaniel was touching the spider when I took the picture- he wasn’t suppose to touch :)

 IMG_3833 IMG_3835



Quadoo, our VERY cuddly kitten puts up with an awful lot!  He really loves the kids!



How is it that I ended up with two cuddle-bugs?  If ever I’m holding one of them, the other has to crawl up and have a double cuddle.



Happy Boy loves his new slide- it’s quite a bit bigger!

 IMG_3892 IMG_3890 IMG_3891


Little man LOVES the water- even if his brother is smearing bubbles all over his head!



I got my book in print!

IMG_3914 IMG_3910 IMG_3913



This was suppose to be pictures of the boys after they all got haircuts- Warren’s first haircut (noted).  But, it sort of turned into a day in the life of the Gould parents- constantly separating two very physical young boys.  They are both instigators!

IMG_3950IMG_3952IMG_3953IMG_3957 IMG_3958     IMG_3956 IMG_3960



…Because he has an obsession with fans, and we know his “special-ness” is because he’s a…

IMG_4047 IMG_4048


And a special tribute to my summer-

This was the space the first time I looked at, just beginning to dream of opening my own consignment shop….

IMG_3862IMG_3871 IMG_3872 IMG_3873   IMG_3867 IMG_3868 IMG_3869 IMG_3870

Sorry dude-in-this-picture… your smoke-shop does not belong in such a beautiful place :)



Before I even signed a lease, I took a leap of faith and got an awesome deal on some store fixtures.  I borrowed a friend’s husband to go with me, U-Haul and all, up to Mukilteo to collect my future fixtures.

The U-Haul wasn’t quite full, which proved to be a disaster when we got home and boxes of hangers had fallen and spilled throughout the place- oh and it was nearly 11pm on a work-night!


The stuff barely fit into our garage!



The signage made it mine!


And, in the end, it produced a beautiful little store:

IMG_4054IMG_4049IMG_4053IMG_4052    IMG_4051IMG_4050 

We will be opening, unannounced and cash-only, next week!

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