Minecraft - Simbey World

The Simbey World Minecraft server has been running the same world since the middle of 2014.  There are no plans to ever reset the overworld, but The Nether will be reset for the Minecraft 1.16 release.  The server generally has low player usage, but it is far from being a "dead" server.

When you join the server, climb down the ladder and step on the pressure plate to receive the latest copies of the rules and command guides.  Climb back up the ladder and find one of the exits to begin your journey!

You are encouraged to explore and build.  Raiding is allowed.  Chests within factions can be opened by non-faction members, so build your base to defend against raiders!

However, griefing will not be tolerated!  Destruction for the sake of destruction will get you banned on this server!  Killing villagers is considered griefing.

If the vanilla Minecraft client allows you to perform "glitchy" behaviors such as item duplication, then this is considered, by this server, to be standard game behavior and is permitted.  However, using a modified game client to artificially gain advantages is prohibited, and you will be banned.  For example:

  • Flying
  • Using X-Ray (or similar) to "see through" opaque blocks
  • Jump boosts
  • Speed boosts
  • Combat assists
If you're not sure whether you're performing an action that would be considered cheating, just connect using a vanilla game client, and it will no longer be an issue.

Other than that, you will find this server to be more tolerant (as in, you can say and build whatever you want, as opposed to "liberal tolerance," which is actually entirely intolerant of basically everything) than other servers.  Free speech and freedom of expression are alive and well on this server.  If you build what is effectively graffiti, then you may later find it removed, but this won't get you banned.  On the other hand, even some builds that most servers would find vulgar or offensive, as long as they are "tastefully" constructed, will likely be accepted.

Being an "old" server now, there is much to explore and see.  There are some locations that will reward you with treasure and lore.  Point your Minecraft client at simbey.com, and get started today!

If you enjoy playing on this server, please consider making a small donation.  This will help motivate me to continue improving the server with new builds and new plug-in features.  Thanks!

As an extra perk, include your player name with the donation, and I will add your name to a list of donators in the world, for all to see!

Since you've made it this far, now follow this link to see screenshots from the VRealms server!  Sadly, its world has been lost to the sands of time, but the screenshots will give you a small sample of what the server offered.